Braided Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

A super chunky infinity scarf with button embellishments. This pattern is worked in rows and then joined using a soft and chunky acrylic and merino yarn. Perfect for wrapping up on chillier days. 

It's big, it's soft, it's squishy. What more could you want in a scarf.

Quick to make and simply enough to whip up whilst you're Netflix binging.

The braided rows and buttons make this look a lot more snazzier and complicated than it really is.


The Deets

Level: Easy


Hook: 9.00mm

Yarn: The Women's Institute - Soft and Chunky 100 g, 110m in Grey (By Hobbycraft)

Weight: Soft and chunky

Fibre: 70% acrylic, 30% merino

Yarn Length: 350m

4 button embellishments (mine are Drops Round, Mother of Pearl Button, Pearlescent Grey 20mm) For decoration only they do not unbutton.

Abbreviations used

CH (chain)

SL ST (slip stitch)

SC (single crochet)

HDC (half double crochet)

DC (double crochet)

SC+DC (single crochet and double crochet in the same stitch)

Note: This pattern is designed in US crochet terminology

Special Stitches

Third Loop – After a row of HDC, you will notice a third loop just below the front loop. Rather than inserting your hook into the top two loops, you insert it into the third loop. This pushes the top two loops to the front of you work, creating a pretty braided effect.


CH151 leave a tail about a foot long to join the scarf together at the end.

Row 1: SC+DC in 3rd CH from hook. (SK next ST, SC+DC in next ST)

Row 2: CH1, turn. SK 1st ST, SC+DC in next ST. (SK next ST, SC+DC in next ST)

Row 3: CH1, turn. SK 1st ST, SC+DC in next ST. (SK next ST, SC+DC in next ST)

Row 4: CH1, turn. SK 1st ST. HDC in each of the next 148 STS. 2HDC in last ST

Row 5: CH1, turn. Working in third loops, SK 1st ST, SC+DC in next ST. (SK next ST, SC+DC in next ST)

Rows 6-16: Repeat Rows 2-5, until you have 16 total rows. Finish with a repeat of Row 4)


Keep your hook in the same place you finished on Row 16, CH 1. SC into the same ST again this should help you turn the corner to the shorter edge of the scarf. SC along the edge, placing 4SC in between each braided row. When you get to the end, complete with a CH1 and a SL ST into the same ST as your last SC.

Fasten off and weave in your ends.


Join your scarf together with the braided side facing out and overlapping just larger than your chosen buttons and stitch the two pieces together. Finally add a button at the end of the top piece centre to each of the strips. (See photo)

Happy Hooking!


Note: If you think I might have made a mistake in the pattern I'd love to hear from you. Crochet is all about growth and sometimes we make mistakes. If you have any hints, tips or a suggested amend to the pattern please head to my contact page and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.