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Star Headband Crochet Pattern

This simple headband is super quick to make. Perfect for everyday wear. You can either leave plain or add a button for extra detail. It's a great project for busting through your yarn stash. A great little number when you need a last minute gift idea.

This headband is great for everyday wear and light enough to wear during the summer months. 

I like to make a few on the tighter side and wear them whilst doing my makeup up, or even better when cleansing in the evening.


The Deets

Level: Intermediate

Size: Up to you, how perfect is that! Don't worry it's easy to work out.


Hook: 5mm

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK - North Sea (28) - 50g

Weight: Double Knit

Fibre: 100% wool Yarn

Length: 20-20m

Abbreviations used

YO (Yarn over)

CH (chain)

SL ST (slip stitch)

SC (single crochet)

HDC (half double crochet)

Note: This pattern is designed in US crochet terminology

Special stitches

Star stitch: This is worked over two rounds, the first round of the star stitches is worked along the front of the work, whilst the 2nd round of HDC to complete each star is worked in the back of the work. This is why it requires turned rounds.



Chain enough to comfortably fit around your head with a little stretch. For an average adult female head chain 71 or 73. Don't underestimate how stretchy these are. If I want a snug fit I go for 69. 

This pattern is worked in turned rounds using the star stitch, which requires a foundation chain in multiples of 2 + 1. 

Braided edging

Round A: HDC in 2nd stitch from hook and HDC in every stitch across until you have one less that your original row.

Round B: CH1, turn, HDC in third loop of every HDC.

Join into a circle with a SL ST. I always join after the first two rows rather than the chain as it's much easier to prevent the chain twisting. I the use whatever tail I have left from the starting chain to close the bottom of the work together.

Star row 

Round 3: Turn, chain 3, Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook YO and pull up a loop, insert hook into 3rd chain from hook YO and pull up a loop, insert hook into SL ST YO and pull up loop, insert hook into 1st HDC of round YO and pull up loop, insert hook into 2nd HDC of round YO and pull up loop, 6 loops on your hook. YO, draw through all loops on hook, CH1 (CH1 creates the eye of the star). *Insert hook into eye of the star, YO and pull up a loop in the eye of the last star. Insert your hook in between the last two stitches from the last star YO and pull up a loop, insert your hook into the HDC on your foundation row, where the last stitch of the previous star (You should now have 4 loops on your hook) Insert your hook into the next HDC along the row YO and pull up a loop, repeat on the next stitch (6 loops on hook), YO, draw through all loops on hook, CH1 (CH1 forms the eye of the star). Repeat from *until you have made (36 stars for a 73 chain, 35 stars for a 71 chain and 34 stars for a 69 chain, you get the gist, half the amount of stars as the number of HDC you did in your second row)

At this point it may look like you've space to make another star, however beware of this crochet trickery. This is where we join the round and turn. If you accidentally put another star in here you'll find your headband getting wider and bumpier at the join as you fill with extra stitches. 

Joining the star row

HDC in the last stitch worked and then slip stitch to first stitch on the other side. CH2 turn, HDC back into the stitch at the base of your last CH2. 

Creating the second row of the star stitch 

*Round 4: 2HDC in each eye of each star around. Again be careful not to go too far. 

Technically we now have 2 extra stitches on this row (made by the CH2 and HDC) however these will be reserved for our joins and we should never have more than the original number of stars,

Joining the HDC 'second half of the star' row 

After you have placed 2HDC in each 34 stars, SL ST to the top of the first HDC you made skipping over the two chain stitches. 

Technically we now only have 1 extra stitches on this row (as we jumped over the chain 2 and slip stitched into the first HDC) again this be reserved for our join and we should never have more than the original number of stars. 

Braided edging finisher round

CH1 and turn. Place a HDC in each stitch around, join to the top of the first HDC with a SL ST.

As we only have 1 extra stitch after joining our HDC  'second half of the star' - If you started with a chain of 71 you should end with a chain of 71 HDC.

Last round: CH 1,  turn, HDC into the third loop at the back of every HDC. Leaving 6 inch tail to fasten off.

Stitch together the gap in the first two rows if you joined your circle afterwards.

Using the 6 inch tail you used to fasten off you can now join together with a couple of stitches.

For a wider headband simple repeat additional rows of stars, 

Happy Hooking! 


Crochet and Tea

Note: If you think I might have made a mistake in the pattern I'd love to hear from you. Crochet is all about growth and sometimes we make mistakes. If you have any hints, tips or a suggested amend to the pattern please head to my contact page and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.


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