How To Crochet The Spider Stitch (US Terms)

Learn how to crochet the Spider Stitch with this easy to follow tutorial! The stitch uses beginner stitches and creates a gorgeous tight textured fabric. It's a great stitch blankets, washcloths, scarves and more.

This pattern is written in US terminology


CH - Chain

SK - Skip next stitch

SC - Single Crochet

DC - Double Crochet


Chain in multiples of 2


Row 1: In 2nd CH ,1 SC, CH 1, 1 SC, *skip CH, 1 SC, CH 1, 1 SC in next chain stitch**, repeat from * to ** until the end. Turn. There is no turning chain.

Row 2: 1 SC, CH 1, 1 SC in each CH 1 space. Turn.

Repeat row 2 until you reach your desired length.

Happy Hooking!

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