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Get Festive: Crochet Your Own Christmas Tree Today

Whilst many have already decked the halls this year. I'm busy finishing up my handmade holidays decks. I'm sure you'll all agree it wouldn't be a handmade Christmas without some crochet thrown in there, so whilst my hot glue gun has been busy this year, so has many crochet hook!

These simple cone Christmas trees are so easy to whip up, and you can make them as plain and minimal (see my simple cream one) or as traditional (see my green beaded one) as you like.

The only difficulty you will have, is choosing how embellish them! From beads, bows, buttons, and so much more that's the exciting part. Or if your like me you can leave them plain and group them with your other handmade items.

You can also make them as small or large as you like...image a huge one made from those gigantic balls of yarn. Now that would really be something.

So as always around here, grab a cuppa, grab your hook and sit back with Crochet and Tea for this easy and fun holiday project.

Happy Hooking


Crochet and Tea


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