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Crochet Stitch Conversion Chart

When I first learned to crochet I primarily used anything I could find on the internet. The first few patterns were written in US terminology so from then on my brain worked in the US. It might seem odd as I'm UK based, however it's something that's ingrained in me, like being right-handed.

I originally, like many crocheters, became fascinated early on with amigurumi, and so the single crochet became my life-blood.

I was quite lucky that I discovered early in my crochet journey there were different names for some of the stitches. There were also plenty of conversion charts floating around, and most patterns denoted whether they were written in US or UK terminology.

I also turned quickly to using the diagram method for many patterns. The beauty of this is that the symbols are universal and some of the most gorgeous crochet designs are in Russian or Greek.

I hope you find this handy reference chart useful, and before you know it, they'll become second nature.

Happy Hooking!


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